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Check out some motivational and inspirational blogs to motivate yourself as well as your employees and team members here.

How To Learn From The Mistakes Made By Smart Executives

There are a lot of executives who do things right. They make bold moves that pay off and the stock does well on the market. The CEO is asked to be the keynote speaker at conferences around the country and is even seen on the cover of business magazines. Everyone’s happy with the company, including [...]

Business Coaching: Starting and Maintaining a Small Business and Creating a Successful Management team with the Help of a Business Coach

Business coaches are the business world’s equivalent of life coaches.  A small business owner may have great skills to contribute to the business world, but might need a little help with the people part of the operation.  One of the major foundations of a business operation is the management.  The management team of a business [...]

Is Smoking Killing You? Is Something in Your Past Causing You to Not Live to your Full Potential?

Smoking can be a serious problem in a person's life. It can lead to health issues, to serious diseases and to social and emotional problems. What's worse about smoking is that it's a habit that's hard to get rid of. Some people have had several unsuccessful attempts quitting smoking and begin to fear that this [...]

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How to Challenge Yourself, Set Goals and Step In

Life is about Living with passion and having an adventure along the way - it's the way we look at life and the way that we think and see ourselves that determines our outcomes in life. This is Scott Epp's and Nathan Martin's Story of Living with Passion by challenging ourselves, setting new goals and [...]

How to Believe in Yourself Again

You were created a winner At the time of writing this (Dec 4, 2013) my wife is 9 months and 3 days pregnant and I can see and feel my child move around in its mother’s womb. I mean I will be a Dad again any moment now! Wow! Over the last few nights as [...]