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How can you make a difference in world? Read out some blogs about how to make a difference in your life as well as your business with Abundance Coaching.

5 Tips To Making Fast and Effective Decisions in A Complex World

In the complex and fast paced world we live in, it can seem almost impossible to make effective decisions these days, especially with so much choice out there. So here are 5 tips guaranteed by Abundance Coaching to make you better at decision making: 1.     Satisficers vs. Maximizers In 1956 Herbert Simon was the first [...]

Business Coaching: Starting and Maintaining a Small Business and Creating a Successful Management team with the Help of a Business Coach

Business coaches are the business world’s equivalent of life coaches.  A small business owner may have great skills to contribute to the business world, but might need a little help with the people part of the operation.  One of the major foundations of a business operation is the management.  The management team of a business [...]

How to live a life of High Impact by helping others

I remember my father Roger Epp stopping on the side of the road to help tow people through the snow out of the ditch. If someone was pulled over with the flashers on he would stop and make sure that they were alright. Maybe it was because he knew what it was like to be [...]

What do sand dunes have to do with life?

I had the opportunity to travel to the sand dunes at Stockton beach with my good friend Shawn Wall about 2 weeks ago and when I arrived I was in amazement. Lately I have been bringing my video camera and wireless lapel microphone every time I go anywhere because the scenery is remarkable here in [...]

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The 7 qualities of a Highly Effective Coach

The 7 Qualities of a Highly Effective Coach that You Will Want to Work With! Hi, I am Scott and I am a Life Coach and Business Coach in Sydney Australia. I believe that Life coaching is all about having intentional, purposeful and powerful conversations that are focused on you the client moving forward in [...]

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How to Find Purpose in Life

As human beings, we all seek our life purpose. We seek an opportunity to learn what our place is in the world around us. We want to start a legacy, and we want to make sure that no matter what we’re going to be remembered. But in the end, you’re often left asking yourself how [...]

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Resolutions

By Scott Epp Every New Year, millions of people decide that they have great ideas for their own New Year’s Resolutions. They are inspired by one thing or another and set out in search of the perfect New Year’s Resolutions – Resolutions like go to the gym more often, be more attentive to their spouses, [...]