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    The Vision of Abundance Coaching and it’s brands is to be an elite and innovative coaching, mentoring and training company that elicits powerful changes and breakthrough in thousands of businesses and individuals in Australia and around the world. 


    We help you understand what is truly important to you so that you can reach personal breakthroughs, helping you once again become passionate about your life and stop feeling stuck with where your life is headed. We will support, encourage and keep you by keeping you accountable as you take action to see your goals and dreams become reality. We utilize powerful coaching and mentoring tools, games, assessments and technology that is exclusive to our breakthrough processes. We get you results.


    Apple had it right when they introduced the ‘iPod and iPhone etc.’ in their marketing because really it’s about the other person and their experience that makes the difference. For us the experience and breakthrough is about helping people breakthrough their biggest challenges so that they can fully live their life purpose and so that they can live their lives with more passion and abundance. Here are our Core Values:

    INTEGRITY is the foundation of our business and the core of all of our coaches and staff. Integrity flows through our trust, confidentiality and it permeates through every facet of our business and how we operate. We hold this value highly and expect our clients to as well. Integrity also shows up in how we congruently show up with each client. We choose to be real and vulnerable with the peaks and valleys of our own journey and as we support and partner with you on your Epic Journey of life. 

    PASSION is the essence of having abundant life! We are passionate about life and about coaching and mentoring! To be passionate requires sacrifice and dedication much is hard to find and maintain on your own. Your coaches passion and vision for their own life and yours will encourage you press on when you have challenges. Our core value of passion helps us aspire towards living a life that is purposeful and fulfilling and we help you do the same. 

    EPIC is our core value and pursuit in life. We believe that everyone is on a path in life whether they are idle, moving slowly or they have committed to being the hero on their Epic Journey of Life. By being Epic we choose to live an expansive, enjoyable yet arduous life that requires for us to become intimate with ourselves and others. We attract clients who desire to be more adventurous and poetic in life and who want to have an impact in their relationships, businesses, spirituality and more. 

    OPTIMISM is having a refined mental style of how you choose to respond to life. When your life has turmoil we will help you choose how you perceive and respond to what is happening to you with optimism. With optimism we are able to see the possibilities and solutions that are all around us. We approach each meet up with our clients with an optimistic and abundant mindset as we partner with you to create strategies, plans and actions forward. To speak metaphorically if you are in quicksand we will not jump into it with you but be on the high ground to give you a rope and pull you out. We will not build a trench for you but we will jump into the trench and dig with you.

    PRESENCE is an instilled value in our coaching and mentoring approach. We create an inspiring environment that is focused on you moving forward. When we listen deeply, understand you and keep you accountable to your most important goals you are served well. We draw out the greatness that is already inside of you. We are in the moment with you and we are focused on getting you the results you need.

    LEADERSHIP is paramount because people need to have strong character, vision, integrity and courage. We will help you understand and refine strong values, principles and leadership skills. At Abundance Coaching we switch hats from Coaching to Mentoring as needed and we will lead and inspire you to take responsibility of your own life. We are motivated to help you not only breakthrough your current pressing situation but to live a life of impact, contribution and legacy.

    EMPOWERMENT is realized with increased faith, inspiration, joy, direction and happiness. We will coach you to be more empowered so you can gain strength to take back control of your life. We believe that lasting change comes from constant growth towards worthwhile goals and dreams. We empower, affirm and champion you through by partnering with you on your Epic Journey of life!