• The 7 qualities of a Highly Effective Coach

    The 7 Qualities of a Highly Effective Coach that You Will Want to Work With!

    Hi, I am Scott and I am a Life Coach and Business Coach in Sydney Australia. Having devoted over 10,000 hours one-on-one coaching people I have come to believe that Life coaching is all about having intentional, purposeful and powerful conversations that are focused on you the client moving forward in life. According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), a life coach is someone that “Partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The ICF has certified me as a Professional Certified Coach, because I provide the support that life coaches all across the world are expected to uphold. But there are certain qualities that separate the good coaches from the the truly effective coaches. In this article I will outline what I feel are the 7 most important qualities of a Highly Effective Life or Business Coach. However, before we get to the article I want to address one stand out question that I often get. It is ‘What is Coaching and how do I know if it’s for me?’ Instead of writing down my answer I recorded an audio and then I created a storyboard with pictures and a flow and I paid a video animator to make this video for you. My goal is that I sufficiently answer this important question… ‘What is Coaching and how do I know if it’s for me?’

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    Now you can read what I feel the 7 qualities of a highly effective coach are.

    1) A Highly Effective Coach is a great communicator

    Our goal is to provide you with life coach services that live up to the ICF Life Coach definition. Several qualities make an excellent life coach.Great Communicator – It is important for a life coach to set up international environments that can help you feel safe and build trust.We believe that coaching is about setting up the right environments so that you will trust your coach and build a working, healthy relationship. Effective communicators know how to listen and understand deeply. They discern what is being said, and they ask great questions. They are aware of their clients’ behaviours, habits and emotions and they connect them with their authentic, amazing self. I am very optimistic in my coaching approach. As part of my nature, I am motivational and inspiring. I love people, and that ties deeply into my desire to be an effective communicator. My Abundance Coaching Core Values actually spell ‘i P E O P L E.’ When I coach I communicate with integrity, passion, encouragement, optimism, positivity, leadership and empowerment.

    2) Highly Effective Coaches believe in themselves and their clients

    Belief in Themselves – Life Coaches must believe in themselves and have the coaching tools that make them unique and excellent at assisting clients. Some of the coaching tools we use include skills like active listening, powerful questioning, effective communication, intuition, enthusiasm, encouragement, and the belief that a good coaching presence is the most important tool for success. Belief in the Client – Life Coaches must believe in the client to be effective. That allows you to feel completely supported, knowing that we believe that you have what it takes to achieve your goals. This optimism and encouragement propel the client overcome their obstacles so that they can reach the levels of success that they desire. I have a deeply-rooted belief that my clients can achieve their dreams and I tell them that. I also help them with the steps to breakthrough as we move them towards their goals.

    3) A Highly Effective Coach has a plan, but they know when to be spontaneous

    When I coach my clients, I build a plan of action for us to follow. Often the flow of the steps starts with helping them discover where they are, who they are and what matters the most to them. I have effective coaching tools that I have created and others that other amazing leaders have created that

    I use in my coaching sessions. I help my clients build their plan for success. However, there is often a time in sessions when an important conversation needs to be had. Perhaps the client has slipped into an old pattern, or they need to go down a certain path. I believe that if your mind is focused on something, sometimes we need to go there and tackle that issue and then come back to our strategic plan. Sometimes I will jump into a guided meditation or breakthrough process during my sessions with my clients. Other times I will let them talk out their frustrations. The effective coach knows when to derail from the plan to go into spontaneity, and they bring the client back to the plan with love and grace. It is also worthy to note that the plan is a work in progress and that sometimes the plan needs to change to be more effective. Either way, an effective coach has a purposeful plan, and they know when to be spontaneous with their client.

    4) A Highly Effective Coach will help radically change and get results

    A Highly Effective life coach will facilitate your learning process and help you achieve positive results in your life. An excellent life coach works with you, through the structures, habits, and underlying beliefs that affect all of your behaviors. Your life coach will help you create awareness, and improve your insight into who you are and why you do what you do. Your coach will listen to your goals, keep you accountable to them, and help you dream bigger dreams that allow you to see the endless potential of the future. There is a world of incredible possibilities out there, and you can seize the opportunities to start living your life in the sweet spot.Your life coach will co-create your plans for success and design actions that work for you. Your life coach will then manage your progress by keeping you accountable and reinforcing you throughout your life path, as well as look for new ways to calibrate your plans and actions to achieve better results.

    5) A Highly Effective Life Coach knows and applies Values and Principles

    Truly effective life coaches know what their core values are and how to live by them. These core values allow us to live with purpose and conviction, and give us a genuine desire to give back to the community – fueling our reason for life coaching. With the belief that character and integrity are essential, life coaches lead by example, and coach from a solid foundation. Your excellent coach will also guide you through the coaching processes, to find out what your core values are and how to help you live by them, allowing you to achieve a more abundant life.Your excellent coach will not stop there. Your coach will walk with you through your life path and help you discover and utilize universal values and principles that are crucial for success. You will feel renewed – and equipped with powerful tools and knowledge that will ensure your personal and professional growth.

    6) A Highly Effective Coach has a Proven Process

    Yes, there needs to be a process to coaching. Much of coaching is powerful listening, re-framing, asking great questions and drawing out the answers that are already in the client. I use these techniques all the time in my coaching however it is my observation that sometimes clients need direction and guidance. This is where having an awesome coaching process is a wonderful tool for clients. I took 3 years to build The Life Purpose and Abundance Process. Most of the written portion of this process came from research that I did with my clients as I studied the most effective ways to help them breakthrough in life. I incorporated the best coaching strategies, visualizations, tools and more into this process and when my clients start their memberships, they are dripped content as they go through their Life Purpose and Abundance Process. This is not the only process that I use either. I have coaching games life www.abundancelifewheel.com which help clients easily discover where they are at in their life. Then I teach and coach them through their Abundance Life Wheel Results and lead them through The 5 Proven Strategies to Win at Life. An effective coach does more than listen and ask great questions, they are your leader, and they inspire you to be your best self. They motivate you and encourage you. They know when to push you and how to lift you up because you are a champion!

    7) A Highly Effective Coach Is In Your Corner

    As you work to achieve your goals, you will not be alone. Your coach will be in your corner, championing you to the summit of your dreams. You may get knocked down – you may feel some pain – but an excellent coach will be there to guide to, and help you overcome your adversity and not accept defeat. Thus resilient, passionate, and powerful style of coaching will motivate you to help you pursue your dreams with reckless abandon, allowing you to feel the strength of believing you will reach your goals. I stand up for my clients and sometimes I’m the one person trust to tell their secret fears and challenges. I don’t take this priviledge lightly. I am in my clients’ corner because sometimes all they need to hear is ‘Way to Go’ or ‘Watch your Opponents Jab’ or ‘Let’s get back up and give this another go.’ and that’s what makes all the difference.

    So Who Needs A Life Coach?

    Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, says it best in his Fortune CNN Interview: “Everyone Needs a Coach.” Coaching plays a vital part in not only his success, but the success of everyone that has achieved greatness.Eric goes on to say: “Every famous athlete – every famous performer – has somebody who’s a coach. Someone who can watch what they’re doing and say ‘is that what you really meant? Did you really do that?’

    [Coaches] can give them perspective. The one thing that people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.”

    Athletes, inventors, singers, business owners, investors, construction workers, pastors, programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs and pretty much any sector of business can benefit from the power of Life Coaching. Any individual – whether single or married, with or without children – can benefit from the power of Life Coaching.

    Are you ready to have success in your life and business??

    I leave you with 1 incredible option.

    If you truly are ready to have success in your life and business then call me in Sydney Australia (0481-307-778) (+61 481-307-778 world wide) or email scott@abundancecoaching.com or feel free click below button to Click Here to Schedule an appointment with Greg Beech or myself on our online calendar.
    Get your Free 45 Minute Life Purpose Plan Session from Scott Epp or Greg BeechScott is a Sydney based Life Coach / Business Coach who does coaching one-on-one in Sydney and phone / Skype coaching internationally. Find out who Scott is and how he will help you breakthrough your biggest challenges and live your life purpose!

    Scott is a Sydney based Life Coach / Business Coach who does coaching one-on-one in Sydney and phone / Skype coaching internationally. Find out who Scott is and how he will help you breakthrough your biggest challenges and live your life purpose!

    Live with Passion and Have Abundance in Life!

    Scott Epp

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