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    Life Languages™ will help you understand your communication strengths and will also alert you to your weaknesses so you become a great all-round communicator. team context, it is invaluable if respective communication styles are understood by all team members. Developed by Fred and Anna Kendall The Life Language™ profile has been used by organisations and people around the world since 1985. It is NOT a psychological, personality, or intelligence assessment. It is a Communication analysis designed to reveal how you prefer to communicate. Unlike Myers Briggs, Disc, The Four Colours and other assessments you will not be put in a box or given a strict one-dimensional description of who you are. In fact, you will discover the freedom of how you have ALL 7 Life Languages™ and that you flow in different levels and ways naturally with each. We go in-depth with each Life Language so you can understand how you communicate currently and how you can become a fabulous communicator with all of your relationships. If you are ready to improve your communication skills and see dramatic improvements in your relationships – don’t wait any longer. This profile is diagnostic and prescriptive, providing insightful, positive self-discovery resulting in Character-Centered-Communication. Nicole and Scott are two of only a few Senior Life Languages coaches. That means we can also train other people to use this amazing system. Plus we’ve been using Life Languages since 2006 personally. We led hundreds of hours of one-on-one and couples coaching sessions with Life Languages and we have trained leaders and teams around the world.

    There are 7 Life Languages™ that each of us have at varying levels:

    Mover Life Language© - www.breakthroughcorporatetraining.com.auThe Mover Life Language™ is characterised by being direct and assertive. They are ambitious and reactive and are pioneers in their field. This language is in the “kinetic” category, which means that they respond with actions first.
    Doer Life Language© - www.breakthroughcorporatetraining.com.auThe Doer Life Language™ is characterised by being dedicated and observant of surroundings. ‘Doers’ are diligent and practical, and incredibly responsible. This is another language within the “kinetic” category.
    Influencer Life Language© - www.breakthroughcorporatetraining.com.auThe Influencer Life Language™ is characterised by being creative and optimistic. Influencers are very verbal and enthusiastic, as well as relational. This language is categorised as “emotive”, which means influencers respond with their hearts first in reaction to people and situations.
    Responder Life Language© - www.breakthroughcorporatetraining.com.auThe Responder Life Language™ is characterised by being compassionate and passionate. Responders are sensitive and warm. They are also very verbal and reactive. The Responder is in the emotive category.
    Shaper Life Language© - www.breakthroughcorporatetraining.com.auThe Shaper Life Language™ is characterised by being organised and focused. This can make Shapers great visionaries and strong delegators. Shapers can work efficiently. The Shaper is categorised as “cognitive,” which means they tend to use their head first to react to situations and people.
    Producer Life Language© - www.breakthroughcorporatetraining.com.auThe Producer Life Language™ is characterised by being gracious, responsible and philanthropic. Producers are also resourceful, thoughtful, and hospitable. This language is also in the “cognitive” category.
    Contemplator Life Language© - www.breakthroughcorporatetraining.com.auThe Contemplator Life Language™ is characterised by being inquisitive and intelligent. Contemplators are philosophical, calm and peaceful. This language is also categorised as “cognitive”.

    Get your Life Languages Profile today and if you’re ready – opt to get a coaching session with it or choose one of our other options to get your spouse or even family their Life Languages Profile. Be your authentic amazing best.