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    Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough – Workshop and Coaching for Church Leaders and Communities

    The Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough – Workshop and Coaching for your Church

     “Communication is a key ingredient to an enriching and fulfilling life” – Scott and Nicole Epp

    Scott and Nicole Epp are your Australia Senior Life Languages™ Coaches and they want to help you breakthrough by:

    • Let Jesus be the centre of your communication and love
    • Really understanding who you are
    • Deepening your relationships
    • Communicating comfortably
    • Removing family friction
    • Strengthening your weaknesses
    • Breakthrough in your Communication as a Team
    • Rising above your distress and realise your personal and team potential

    Scott and Nicole Epp are the co-founders of Abundance Coaching, Breakthrough Corporate Training and Coachemy Academy. As Australia Senior Certified Life Languages™ Coaches Nicole and Scott excels at teaching and revealing the 7 Life Languages™ with an in-depth understanding of this exceptional communication tool. Since 2007 Nicole has grown in her knowledge in Life Languages™. They have led corporate and faith-based workshops around the world and they thrive on bringing insight and transformation to people as they understand who they are and how they can effectively communicate. Together Scott and Nicole bring warmth, passion, inspiration, insight, and fun to each workshop the lead. Nicole and Scott treat marriage as a sensational gift from God. They have 3 young boys and they have a passion to see marriages and families restored and renewed.

    About The Life Languages™ Breakthrough Communication Workshop

    Jesus communicated in all 7 Life Languages™ and he showed us how to be in relationship with people in all situations. We love Life Languages™ because we know that it is founded in biblical truths by Fred and Anna Kendall. Our fun and engaging workshop and coaching is based on the principle of Character Centered Communication, which aims to help you and your team communicate more efficiently and productively. We will identify your communication challenges, and help you build effective teams, maximizing the efficiency of your church. We will use this workshop as a foundation for the culture change that you are creating within your leadership team and church. Our Life Languages™ workshop includes individual profiles, team culture and cross-talk profiles. Your Leadership team will receive a Life Languages™ Culture map with group reports and leadership data and information about the team that is very useful in driving culture change.

    You may have heard of profiles or tests like DISC or Myers Briggs which tell you about your personality. Life Languages™ is a unique and different profile that gives you a comprehensive picture of who you are and how you communicate, act and behave. This profile does not single you out into one of 16 styles but rather expresses how we are all wired with 7 Life Languages™ at varying levels. Each of these 7 Life Languages™ has positives and negative qualities, so you should not be discouraged with your results after the assessment. In the workshop we will also coach you on how to spot distress flares and chronic patterns that kill team culture, unity and trust. These negatives can be spotted and effectively dealt with.

    Life Languages™ will help you understand your communication strengths and will also alert you to your weaknesses so you become a great all-round communicator. In a team context, it is invaluable if respective communication styles are understood by all team members. Every member of your team will get a deep understanding of who they are and how they are wired and they will learn about their peers. Understanding this, you can make your church a better and more efficient environment. This profile and our coaching is diagnostic and prescriptive, providing insightful, positive self-discovery resulting in Character-Centered-Communication.

    When we come into your church we bring our love of Jesus and hearts for transformation. We typically run a one day workshop to coach your leaders and/or community. We also offer specialised leadership meetings and coaching with our offerings. Enquire with us to learn more. Let us help you transform your church culture and communication.

    These are the 7 Life Languages™ each of us have at varying levels:

    Mover, Doer, Influencer, Responder, Shaper, Producer, Contemplator

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