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Abundance Coaching Will Make Even The Best Better

Regardless of your position on the corporate or company ladder, you personally, your team and your business can benefit tremendously by using a Business Coach. If that seems like a bold statement, you are absolutely correct. Here are a couple of the other statements you may consider to be bold: 1. There isn’t a single [...]

4 Keys to Creating a Positive Attitude in Life

Introduction Your Attitude can make a tremendous difference. What does “Attitude” mean? Webster’s dictionary describes attitude as “A posture, one’s mental state of mind, or one’s disposition.” A positive attitude means that you keep your idea, values and thoughts in such a mindset that you are always looking towards the good and advancing, trying to [...]

How To Learn From The Mistakes Made By Smart Executives

There are a lot of executives who do things right. They make bold moves that pay off and the stock does well on the market. The CEO is asked to be the keynote speaker at conferences around the country and is even seen on the cover of business magazines. Everyone’s happy with the company, including [...]

Do You Need to see Tangible Results in Life? Do you Need Focus?

When we are busy, time can just fly by. Before we know it, we have lived another month or year or even decade, but we are not closer to the things we thought we wanted. The ideas are there, but we keep pushing them off for later. However, some part of us always knows that [...]

Are you Stuck in a Belief about Money or Abundance?

Money is a big part of our lives. However, it's also something we often have different irrational beliefs about it and not even realize it. We may learn ideas about money from our family and our community, but sometimes, these ideas can limit our lives. What are some limiting belief about money and abundance? Donna [...]

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Do you need to Achieve Fulfillment and a Huge Increase of Confidence?

Many of us don't feel fulfilled in our lives. Sometimes, we feel that we could be doing more or should be doing more. Sometimes, we get caught comparing ourselves to others or isolating ourselves, because we lack the confidence to interact with people. All these things can keep us from realizing our potential and reaching [...]

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Are you living your destiny and calling? Do you need someone to believe in and push you?

We are in this world for a reason. We have a purpose, a destiny or a calling. Usually, we can become aware of exactly what that is. Some of us turn to business, others to art, while many decide that their purpose in life is related to a career in helping people. These realizations can [...]

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Go on a Mud Run in Sydney with Scott and the Abundance Coaching Team!

We all need people in our corner. Do you need to find more confidence? Do you want to join a team and do something that will challenge you? Join Sydney Life Coach Scott Epp and a team of empowering people for a team bonding experience / mud run. The Sydney Stampede is a great [...]

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How to live a life of High Impact by helping others

I remember my father Roger Epp stopping on the side of the road to help tow people through the snow out of the ditch. If someone was pulled over with the flashers on he would stop and make sure that they were alright. Maybe it was because he knew what it was like to be [...]

How to Challenge Yourself, Set Goals and Step In

Life is about Living with passion and having an adventure along the way - it's the way we look at life and the way that we think and see ourselves that determines our outcomes in life. This is Scott Epp's and Nathan Martin's Story of Living with Passion by challenging ourselves, setting new goals and [...]