• Discovering the Secret Huts of Sydney Harbour – Video

    When was the last time you took out a day to discover something new? It is so refreshing to discover and to have adventures in life. Some of the most amazing adventures that you can take are in your own backyard or in your own city.

    You could go geo caching, hike down a new trail, and discover a new piece of history. You could take a tour of your city, camp near your home in a new spot, do a google search for interesting tours or adventures near your home and more.

    Discover more about your life and who you are by getting out of your house and taking an adventure!

    The adventure that Nick and I took was inspired by an idea to find these remote crater cove huts that are right in the city that we live, right on Sydney Harbour. It took us a few hours one day and we captured our experience on video to re-live the adventure and to showcase for you how you can take a similar adventure in a location near you. Watch our video below – enjoy our passion for life too 😉

    Now that you have watched our Amazing Adventure video, what is happening for you?

    What was your biggest insight that you are taking away from this video?

    What adventures can you take in your own city?

    What are you adventures in your area are you willing to research and act?

    I would love to hear from you so feel free to post your comments below in the facebook comments.

    Live with Passion by going on an adventure near you!

    – Scott Epp

    p.s. did you watch until the end? The bloopers at the end are the funniest bit 😉

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