Are you Ready to have an amazing year?

A few years ago I was frustrated with setting New Years Resolutions and Goals and through my contemplation, I came up with this alternative. If you have struggled with the idea of setting New Years Resolutions or Goals then this One Word Commitment for the year challenge could be for you. It is simple, it works and it allows you to experience a life transformation in one spiritually guided area of your life. 

To complete this challenge check out this video and then download the 14-page guide and one sheet below:

Click this link to download your 14 page Guide to Choose and Keep your One Word Commitment for the Year:

–> One Word Commitment for a Year Guide – Abundance Coaching PDF

Enter your One Word on this One-Sheet, Print it out and put it up somewhere that you can see it:

–> One Word Commitment for a Year – One Sheet PDF

Get a radical change in 2015!

Scott Epp