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    Find out how to gain the confidence to achieve anything by taking back your Roooaaarrrr!!!

    A reminder of what you have forgotten about who you were created to be. When was the last time you ever heard a lion roar at the zoo? Have you ever stopped to observe the behavior of this captive king of the jungle and noticed anything unnatural? My son loves to go to the zoo and mimics what the lion says with his own ferocious imitation of a lion’s “R_O_A_R !” …. but he only knows that because I have taught it to him. He has never witnessed it himself.

    Book - Awaken the Wild Lion Within

    Are you a tame lion?

    As little cubs, these prisoner lions did what they instinctually knew how to do – they played, they fought with their siblings, and they hunted. But as they grew and became domesticated, they were taught never to fight, hunt, or roar. Their powerful wildness was locked away, just as they were, within the confines of their zoo habitat. Like the lions, we begin our lives with the exuberance and enthusiasm of the cubs. But society teaches us that we don’t want to be wild or fight or hunt. We are taught to value comfort, passivity, and subservience over revealing our power. We learn such clichés as “Good things come to those who wait.” We are told that it is meaningless to try. Society has a way of harnessing us, so we don’t awaken our wild lion within. Eventually we become like the mature zoo lion – domesticated and silenced. Add to that our life experiences that cause pain and hardship and make us believe that life is tough, unfair, and abusive.

    Find your inner courage and strength!

    You might feel knocked down by what you have endured – by how hard it has been. You may feel that no one knows what you have been through. All these are true events that are real, but they don’t have to defeat us or cause us to give up. “R_O_A_R !” Instead, there is hope and possibility – a key to awaken the lion within. We have been tame for so long we have lost connection to our own power, but we can tap into our strength and fierceness. In the wild, the lion is king. It is ferocious and strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies. It doesn’t wait for food to come to it. It is a hunter who kills its prey and brings it back to the pride for sustenance. It is bold and strong. It doesn’t stop at obstacles. It beats the obstacles! It is also an integral part of a community who shares survival as a common focus. It is courageous in all its actions.

    Why am I so Passionate about the wild lion?

    The lion’s roar has become an inspiration in my own life. I know what it is like to feel trapped and caged. I have believed society’s mindset of lack. I have been knocked down hard and stayed down too long. I understand how difficult it is to get back up sometimes. I know what it is like not to take risks. All of my life experiences contributed to me not wanting to be in that cage. So I found a key to the roar inside myself.

    The Key to Your Roar

    Imagine yourself as that tame lion in the cage. All your needs are taken care of – you are fed and sheltered, your health is maintained, but in return you cannot fight, hunt, or roar. Now imagine your inner wild lion. Feel the pain of its being locked up, and how it wants to be free. Feel the pain of places in your own life where you might feel captive, stuck, or imprisoned by hardship. Resonate with that pain … as real and true. Recognize that if you stay in pain, your life will shrink: from hoping for more … to wishing you had more … to believing that you have all you will get … to never awakening the roar of the lion within. Stand up. You have the key in your hand, and the choice to unlock your cage. Do it. Push open the cage door. Step out. Release the wild lion and awaken that wild lion within. Believe that you were born to be wild … that there is a wild lion within you that you can take with you wherever you go … that your wild lion within will help you achieve your dream. R_O_A_R!!

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    these powerful questions are the same questions Scott uses to help his clients unlock the prisons that they feel they are in.

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    This is your Awaken the Wild Lion Within Visualization Video! The best way to get in the right state of mind is to find a quiet environment where you can focus. Then turn the volume up and close your eyes as I lead you through this visualization!


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