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    The Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Workshop

    Led by Scott and Nicole Epp

    Founders of Abundance Coaching

    Communication is the key ingredient to an enriching and fulfilling life.

    Are you ready to:

    • Really understand yourself
    • Deepen your relationships
    • Communicate comfortably
    • Remove family friction
    • Strengthen your weaknesses
    • Reduce Stress

    Scott and Nicole are Certified Trainers with the Life Languages™ and will guide you to understand and apply your 7 Life Languages™ in this revolutionary and fun workshop. This profile has helped Scott and Nicole incredibly in their marriage and in relating to and understanding people in their lives since 2006. The Life Language™ profile has been used with organisations and people around the world since 1985. It is NOT a psychological, personality, or intelligence assessment. It is a Communication analysis designed to reveal how you prefer to communicate. Unlike Myers Briggs, Disc, The Four Colours and other assessments you will not be put in a box or given a strict one dimensional description of who you are. In fact you will discover the freedom of how you have ALL 7 Life Languages™ and that you flow in different levels and ways naturally with each. We go in depth with each Life Language™ so you can understand how you communicate currently and how you can become a fabulous communicator with all of your relationships. If you are ready to improve your communication skills and see dramatic improvements in your relationships – don’t wait any longer.

     Gracepoint Christian Church – 1355 Botany Road, Botany.



    Registration includes:

    –         Life Languages™ Profile (This is your online personal assessment which needs to be completed by Oct 20. See the above link for directions.)

    –         Coffee and tea included during morning, lunch and afternoon breaks.  

    –         Personal Comprehensive Life Languages™ Report and workbook.

    There will be a morning and afternoon coffee / tea break. The lunch break will be from 12:30pm – 1:30pm. There are many fast food restaurants and shops within a few minutes walk of the Gracepoint Christian Church so you can go out and grab some lunch during the break. During the break Scott and Nicole Epp will also be available to ask questions and speak specifically to you about your Life Languages™. 

     One of the reasons why people aren’t experiencing the enriching and fulfilling life that they deserve is because they don’t fully understand themself and they aren’t communicating effectively with other people. We believe that you will receive incredible breakthrough as you discover the truths about how amazing you are and how you can use these truths to live a rich and abundant life. 

    Find out more by emailing Gracepoint Church Office: admin@gracepoint.com.au or call: 8338 9999

    or email Scott Epp: scott@abundancecoaching.com or call: 0481 307 778. 

    Scott and Nicole also lead workshops for organisations in Sydney and around the world. If you want to learn more about the 7 Life Languages™ and how we help teams and organizations breakthrough with communication then feel free to click here or call Scott at 0481 307 778.


    Get a breakthrough with understanding more fully who you are and how to be an amazing communicator. If you are ready to improve your communication skills and see dramatic improvements in your relationships – register today.