• Forgiveness: The Key To a Happier Future

    The principle of forgiveness is probably one of the most rewarding principles we can experience in our lives because it has a major effect on our health and well-being. When we forgive we walk towards the future with all our energy and strength. Forgiveness liberates us from the past and the present and leads us to the future. We will also enjoy better spiritual and emotional health. Not forgiving makes us obsessive about the past and the future and makes us sick. We make wrong decisions when motivated by revenge.


    When we forgive, we will have a productive and happy life. We will be able to relate to others. Having healthy relationships helps us to have more beneficial lives.

    People who practice forgiveness have freed themselves from emotional burdens and guilt because they are able to forgive themselves and receive forgiveness from God and others. And, practicing forgiveness frees us from hate and bitterness. This is the true measure of perfect and complete forgiveness.

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