• Enjoy True Wealth in Life with a Life of Abundance!

    You Will Experience Complete and Total Contentment When You Realize That It’s Life, Not Money, That is the Source of True Abundance in the World.

    When you think of the word wealth, the first thing that comes to mind is money. Wealth is defined as the act of having abundance in something. Yet, there is nothing that specifically defines wealth as money. Wealth is simply abundance – the act of having a lot of something. You can have a wealth of skill, a wealth of friends – and yet for some reason we associate our abundance only with money.

    Having money is nice. It can buy you things that you need and help reduce financial stresses, but how happy does it really make you?

    Material Things Do Not Create Long Lasting Happiness

    Let’s say you are out at a store, and you see a TV or a dress or a camera that you really want. You want it badly. You know it will make you happy. You check your bank account balance and find that you can afford it.

    You are so happy, you know that you want this item, and you have the money to afford it. You bring it up to the counter, ring it up, and bring it home.

    For a while, it does make you happy. Very happy. You turn on the TV or put on the dress or take photos with the camera and you find that it is everything you wanted. It was a good purchase and you have no regrets.

    Then one month later, it starts to become less special. You see another TV that is bigger or another dress you like, or you find that you aren’t taking as many photos as you thought you would or that you would like to try out a new lens. Suddenly you need something else. A NEW dress or a NEW TV or a NEW camera. You find that you need to buy something else to make you happy again.

    The happiness you received from your money was fleeting. It made you happy only temporarily. Buying new clothes or new technology is a lot of fun. While the item is new, you are happy. Then you need more, because the old item doesn’t bring you as much happiness.

    It may sometimes feel that what you need is more money. If you have more money, you can buy anything else that you need so that you can keep experiencing that temporary happiness. But what you’ll find is that every time the joy becomes less, the happiness becomes even more temporary, soon that abundance will give you nothing more than a momentary smile.

    Quality of Life and Financial Abundance

    Don’t believe it? There are scientific studies that prove that quality of life does not increase with money. In fact, a study at Princeton says that people did not report any more happiness after making more than $75,000 per year!

    Happiness is important. Happiness is the key to life. And yet money is not the source of happiness. It makes you temporarily happy, but not happy in the long term. You DESERVE to live a life of happiness. But to find it, you need to understand what it truly takes to make you happy.

    The Key to True Happiness


    What if you found out that you CAN have happiness in life. No matter who you are, how you grew up, what you do or how much money you have – living a life of contentment is within your reach.

    All you have to do is understand that the key to happiness is not money. The key to happiness is finding abundance in every aspect of your life. Ask yourself:

    • Do you find that your friends bring you happiness even when they are not around?
    • Do you keep yourself motivated and able to accomplish your life goals?
    • Do you create time to enjoy the things and people you like the most?
    • Do you look at life as a glass that is COMPLETELY full, not half full or half empty?

    What you will find is that even when your life is going well, there is something missing. That feeling means that you are not yet living a life of true abundance. You are living a life that is in need of a total jump start.

    What is Real Abundance?

    Abundance simply means “to have much of.” It means “the property of a more than adequate quantity or supply.” It is defined by having more than you could ever need.

    Imagine a world where that was true. Imagine a world where not only did you have all of your needs met – you had MORE than your needs. You have so much that you have some to spare. You have so much that it oozes out of you and you wish you could give it to others.

    Now, imagine you had that type of abundance in more than just money. Imagine you had that in friendship, imagine you had that in romance, imagine you had that in health, imagine that everything you needed, you had not only some of – you had more than enough of.

    That is what having abundance in life truly is – the idea that you have everything you want and more, and that everything you do in life continues to rain that abundance down on you.

    abundance-in-life-300x137Is Having Abundance in Life Truly Possible?

    YES! Having abundance in life is truly possible. You can achieve true abundance in every facet of your life. From the physical to the spiritual, to the emotional, from relationships to finances and more. Everything you want in life – every facet in life – can experience true abundance, and ultimately a LIFE OF HAPPINESS.

    Now, you may wonder how it can be so easy. It’s natural to be a little bit skeptical. If having a life of abundance was possible with everyone, then why wouldn’t more people have it?

    But the answer to that is easy – because over the course of your life you have been taught incorrect values that affect how you see the world around you. You have been taught false values about what is possible, and live in a society where cynicism and negative thoughts are the norm.

    What’s worse, these thoughts are self-fulfilling. When you experience cynicism every day of your life, it becomes harder to appreciate the successes and easier to notice the failures. You see all of the things you can’t achieve and your belief that there are things you will never have is validated.

    What Has to Change?

    Achieving abundance is easy when you are ready and able to change your mindset. You need be able to change your mindset. You need to be able to adjust your beliefs and be ready to accept everything life has to offer. How do you do that?

    • You need to discover a true sense of self – uncover all of the things that truly matter to you.
    • You need to discover a true understanding of what abundance really is.
    • You need to reduce your dependency on your false beliefs and be ready for acceptance.
    • You need to allow yourself to be open to the infinite potential of the universe.

    One of the key steps towards achieving abundance is going to be based on your own understanding of yourself. By improving your own self-awareness, you are able to uncover some of the most important truths about the world.

    First, you will be able to uncover what you truly value. It is your values that are going to be the key to abundance in life. You must make sure that your values are given the correct amount of importance – you need to be certain that you are actually in touch with your values so that you can live your life around them.

    Second, you need to use those values to understand your conscious thought. That way when you experience all of your events in life. Our consciousness is entirely in our control – by noticing the way you react to the world, you can completely change it and give yourself a mindset of complete contentment.

    Finally, you need to be able to commit yourself to abundance in life. You need to be willing to live every day focused on your values and allow yourself to appreciate all that life has to offer. Abundance in life is about experiencing wealth with each passing moment, and you need to allow yourself to commit to that new way of experiencing the world.

    Others that do not live a life of abundance allow their consciousness to go on autopilot. They take what occurs to them and say “okay, well, my reaction must be the right reaction” only to move forward without looking for ways to live their life towards their values.

    That is why for you to experience abundance, you need to understand what it takes to change. You need to go through the process to discover your values and accept the world’s abundant offerings. Over time, you will see that your quality of life improves to levels that you never before thought were possible, and that all you have ever hoped for you can receive.

    Your Abundance is in Your Control

    Nothing is stopping you from achieving abundance in life. Your work is not stopping you, your family is not stopping you, your friends are not stopping you – your income is not stopping you. The only thing stopping you is you.

    First you need to develop an awareness of yourself. You need to be willing to take steps to understand what wealth really is and what it takes for you to achieve wealth in your life. This step will help you discover what is really important to you. You will be shocked how much your true values are hidden behind these false beliefs you have gained over the years.

    There is no special formula that you can take to develop this awareness. Your willingness to accept your own values is something you can only be walked through – it is still up to you to be willing to allow yourself to accept the things you receive in life.

    Once you have developed this awareness and this level of responsibility, you have completed the most important step. The next step is to work to achieve true harmony.

    What Does Abundance Bring You?

    It’s not an exaggeration – it’s true that anyone can achieve abundance. Your current socioeconomic status isn’t important. Your current lifestyle isn’t important. What matters is that you are ready to accept the world for what it gives you. Once you are willing to go through these steps you will find that all of the following are within your grasp:

    Fulfilling Relationships

    From friendship to your love life and marriage, abundance allows you to experience long and fulfilling relationships in your life.

    Your friendships will be more rewarding. You will find that every interaction you have is one that gives you joy. You will be able to appreciate your friends for what they bring into your life and allow yourself to experience the love and affection you have for them without restraints.

    Your love life will be even greater. Whether you are currently with someone or hoping to find someone to spend your life with, you will be able to experience a richness, a love that other people can only read about in storybooks. Abundance allows you to open your heart to others, and by doing so you are able to experience the love that they give right back to you. Abundance in life is abundance in love, and the happiness it will bring you is indescribable.

    Financial Wealth

    Abundance may not be about money, but that does not mean that having abundance in life will not lead to greater levels of financial wealth. What you will find when you have abundance is that you are able to achieve what you set out to achieve. Perhaps more importantly, you will learn how to manage your finances in a way that makes you appreciate them more, giving yourself an understanding about what having wealth really means.

    Emotional Wealth

    When you are in control of your abundance and your consciousness, you will find that you are in control of your emotions. Abundance allows you to achieve emotional harmony, so that you can appreciate the things in life that go your way and take anything that may come between you and your goals with a logical stride.

    Spiritual Wealth

    Being spiritual is about accepting that you are one with whatever you choose to believe. Much like relationships, spirituality allows you to feel the acceptance and the love of whatever you believe. It allows you to be in touch with God, and even the spirituality that you feel every day from within. We have been taught to put up walls that don’t allow us to accept the spirituality in the world around us. Abundance breaks down those walls to help you experience true spirituality. The verse John 10:10 in the bible speaks to me personally when I think of Spiritual Wealth or Abundance.  Jesus Christ says in the NASB Bible, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” Jesus has come to give us a life of abundance by giving more than we could ever hope for or imagine. He gives us abundant life through His grace and His holy spirit as our counselor to fill us with his love and his presence as we go through all of life’s ups and downs.

    Physical Wealth

    Abundance is the key to living a healthy life. Abundance allows you to get in touch with your values and goals, so that you can focus – and enjoy – living a life of immense physical health. Not only will you be able to experience greater levels of physical health, but you will be able to change your cynical mindset so that you can experience more youthful energy, not allowing age or the tiredness of a long day of work from stopping you from enjoying the rest of your day.

    Wealth is everywhere around you, and living a life of abundance allows you to tap into that wealth and enjoy its limitless potential in your life.

    manifesting_abundanceIt’s Not Too Good to Be True

     Before you say “you’re overstating it. It’s not possible to achieve that level of abundance” you should know one thing:

    You’re wrong.

    Having abundance in life is truly possible. You have the ability to tap into the unlimited resources of the world around you and shower in all they have to offer. You can have ability to allow the pleasures of the world around you to sweep over you and live a life where every moment is a joyous moment.

    It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that you are living true reality. You experience what you feel every day, and believe that what you feel must be the truth of the world, and that hope of living a life of abundance is not possible.

    Yet, it is that same belief that is holding you back. You were taught to believe that money is an important part of happiness, but what has money ever brought people? You can buy the most expensive car, and that car will eventually break down and die like every other car. You can buy the biggest house, but having 10 extra rooms doesn’t allow you to improve any part of your life. You can buy the nicest clothes, but after the first wash you’ll find that those clothes are already boring to you, and you’ll be out again the next day looking for more clothes to give you some type of joy.

    Wealth may be the key to happiness, but money is not the key to wealth. The vast abundance of the world is the key to true wealth, and when you are able to allow yourself to experience that level of wealth, you will find that every day is one of true, unrelenting, and unbelievable happiness.

    Your Next Steps Are In Your Control

    By now you have learned all that abundance has to offer. You have seen and can probably imagine the amazing benefits that achieving a life of abundance can bring you.

    You’ve taken the most important step – you have allowed yourself to understand that abundance IS important – in fact, abundance is the true next step towards your happiness. Your next step is commitment, once you can commit to living a life of abundance and show the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, you will be able to make the necessary changes to remove the walls that prevent you from reaching that goal and allowing yourself to take in everything you can from the world around you.

    You Reflect and Apply

    Achieving a life of abundance is easy when you have the right help. With Abundance in Life coaching, you will find the direction you need. We will uncover your values and put you on the right path toward achieving true abundance and finding happiness in everything you undertake.

    Together, we can work with what your current values are and help you unlock the hidden secrets about what is truly important for your soul.

    Abundance in life is something that everyone can experience. Allowing yourself to want to achieve abundance was the first part of the process. The next step is commitment. When you are ready to commit to finding wealth in the world around you, you will find that true happiness and abundance are within your grasp.


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