Scott-Epp-Abundance-CoachingHi, my name is Scott Epp and I am the host and creator of Abundance Coaching TV. Abundance Coaching TV is inspired by my vision to help 1000′s of people connect to their authentic amazing self so that they can live with passion and have abundance in life!

I am an expert at Success Coaching. I work with people who know there is something more for them in life but they’re not reaching it. There is abundance all around us and sometimes all we need is a Life Purpose Plan to help us find how we can live in the overflow.

On Abundance Coaching TV we have inspiring stories, interesting, creative and innovative guests, passionate challenges and abundance coaching!

Season 3 is called “Living your Life Purpose with Passion and Abundance”
Season 2 is called “Having Abundance in Life”
Season 1 is called “Get Vertical in Life.”

For Season 3, We will release new episodes every Wednesday starting Wednesday January 8, 2014 (7pm CST Saskatchewan) (8pm EST New York) (5pm PST Vancouver) (Thursday January 9, 2014 at 12pm EDT Sydney) or you can watch the replays.

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