Watch this Episode and find out how to thrive as a parent and entrepreneur!

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I am excited to have Jeremie Miller – my coach on Abundance Coaching TV this week! Yes, Jeremie Miller has been my personal coach for 3 and a half years and I am so much better for it. I have grown in my confidence, coaching, with my business and in my voice since being coached by Jeremie. Jeremie is also a Dad and Husband. He will be sharing his story and experiences of thriving as a parent and an entrepreneur. Here’s Jeremie’s profile…

jeremie-millerMy name is Jeremie Miller and I am many things: Most importantly I am a father of a very bright, almost 5 year old, Fionn, who, without my guidance towards the light side of the force, may just have enough evil in him to try taking over the world later in life. (I am joking…..mostly). I am a husband to my wife of 7 years, Ashlea, who has just rebooted her teaching career after staying home to keep our son out of trouble and does a wonderful job of supporting me and my (sometimes crazy) business ideasI am a mountain biker, hiker, and paddle boarder in the summer and a skier in the winter. I am an avid gamer and when not dadding, husbanding, businessing, biking, or skiing can probably be found with a video game controller in my hands I love to budget**, and if I am not doing one of the things I just listed in the point above I am probably busy looking over a spreadsheet, moving money amongst bank accounts, or making investments. I am an endless researcher. I don’t buy anything, use anything, or recommend anything until I am 100% positive that it is just right***. Find Jeremie making online