Yes it’s my birthday on Feb 13th and I was thinking about what I could do for you that would be extra special. Well – What I decided in the end is to let you know who I am. Really – down to the raw bones who I am.

My birthday gift that I gave out is The Awaken the Wild Lion Within Coaching Tool: You Can Get this gift by going to:
Click the Big Play Button to find out Who I am.

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My friend Steve was interviewed me and surprised me with questions that hopefully helped you see the real Scott Epp. All I told him is that to ask me questions that cover my story from where I grew up to, my marriage, family, coaching and where I’m going in the future. My big idea with this is to demonstrate the power of your story and to use your story to influence people all around you. Everyone has a story and sometimes that story goes to the grave without reaching an audience of people that would love to and need to hear it. It is through your story that trust is built, possibilities are fostered and our true potential is unlocked. As a gift I am right now creating a powerful Coaching Tool on “Awakening the Wild Lion Within You” that I will be giving away when you watch this episode live or on the replay. Be blessed – Scott.