• Season1 – Episode1 Everyone has a story – what is yours?2016-12-24T12:32:39+00:00

    Check out our first episode which features the power of everyone’s story. I include one of the most instrumental stories of my life and I interview the Founder of ‘Speaking You’ Jacqueline Ameida and Certified Professional Coach Kelly Goyer as well as share an inspiring story from Victor DeFehr. 

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    On Episode 1) I shared my story and inspiring stories of many others. I also share an inspiration story from Victor Defehr as he has overcome to write a legacy short story that is amazing.

    JacquelineAlmeidaJacqueline Almeida – founder of Speaking You Consulting. Speaking You gives you an opportunity to give voice to your story as it is and has been…and then…to powerfully Re-Create your story so that you can voice the new story of You!

    Hi, I’m Jacqueline and I love what I do. I have a passion to venture into the terrain of sacred brokenness and be a witness in the restoration and recovery of people’s lives. I do this not out of a space or experience of having lived a trouble-free or wonderfully “perfect” life, no… not at all. As a matter of fact, my spiritual passion to help people towards freedom was born after having experienced a number of losses including my marriage, my job, my house, my financial stability, my friends, my ministry, my church community, and countless other “my’s”. I’m so thankful for everything that has come my way in life.

    Jacqueline Almeida, holds an M.A. in Leadership and Management and brings her 16 years’ experience as a Relational Coach/Consultant and Mentor to assist, guide and encourage people to find their inner strength, recover emotionally and rediscover themselves. She has her own business, Speaking You Consulting, an avenue where you will be guided towards dealing with your emotions, patterns and habits and become emotionally and spiritually mature and aware. Jacqueline is all about helping people that are going through difficult and unforeseen circumstances and who recognize their brokenness and their need for healing, to shift perspectives and begin again.