Watch this brilliant episode on taking responsibility and getting the results you want! Scott Epp interviews his entrepreneurial younger brother Colton Epp, Business man Dan Clermont and Author / Motivational Speaker Todd Reimer.

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You wont want to miss this episode as we will discuss the importance of responsibility and how to accept it and embrace it. I will also share with you the secrets you need to hear about taking responsibility for your life and in turn it will change your life. One of our Special guests will be Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Author Todd Reimer. Our second Guest is Dan Clermont. Dan is a seasoned entrepreneur who has taken responsibility and action in business along with operating with solid success principles.


Todd Reimer is a skilled motivational speaker with a gift of story-telling and delivering messages with a punch that wake people up and cause them to change. Todd has led in the construction and service industries. He has spent over a decade coaching and leading teams in non-profit organizations and businesses. Having been an employee and an employer, he knows that there is much unrealized value in people and in businesses. Todd brings extreme value to every talk he delivers. He is engaging, compassionate and uplifting in his speaking style and he moves his audiences to action.

As a business coach, his role is to walk alongside you and help bring out this value, to help you find and develop the existing value lying just below the surface. In his latest book ‘The Art of Failing – How to Get up on your Feet’ Again Todd discusses the principle of taking responsibility in a refreshing new way. You don’t want to miss this interview. You can learn more about Todd and his work over at


Daniel is a family man, married to his wife Shannon for over 14 years. Together, they have three beautiful children: Jordana, Simon and Levi. Daniel has been a self-employed entrepreneur since 1997, building companies and distribution networks for companies in diverse sectors including; finance, insurance, real estate and commodities. A consistent top-performer and top-earner, Daniel has been able to take advantage of dream trips around the world with Shannon, and enjoy the lifestyle of “being his own boss”. He enjoys studying for personal growth, reading to his kids, exercising, playing the saxophone, and action pistol shooting.

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Taking Personal Responsibility in Life as presented on Abundance Coaching TV