Find out how to live with an abundance mindset. Scott Epp shares some of his abundance mindset strategies and he interviews Amway Diamond Distributor Frank Mikolas and Author Carol Harrison 

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Frank is a Personnel Coach and Mentor as an Independent Business Owner for Ibizmy team and Team212 and URAssociation formally Britt Worldwide. He has succeeded in business for 40 plus years, started his own Electronic business at age 20 and at age 36 started his own Amway business. Together with his wife Lorraine he has reached the level of Diamond. They have spoken to organizations in places like, United States, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, South Africa, and Greece.

We have helped and mentored many people achieve their personal goals in life and business.
Married to my beautiful wife Lorraine for 45 years.


Her inspirational speaking revolves around two key messages. One is: Life’s Tough but there’s hope. She uses a lot of personal stories to speak about various subjects that revolve around this theme or message. There are so many people who are hurting for a variety of reasons and Carol wants to encourage them that they are not alone and there is hope.

The second message that comes into many of her teachings and speaking opportunities is one of True Inclusion; when this happens, it benefits everyone not only those with special needs. She has worked with special needs students while teaching school, preschool special needs and is a mom of a special needs young adult. She uses the term special needs because we all have needs – food, clothing and shelter among others; but if we are honest, we have some special needs as well. Some just have more specialized needs because of a disability. Any one of us is only one breath away from tough or debilitating times in our lives and Carol wants to encourage all of us to look for the hope in a situation, look for what we can share with each other and enrich our lives in doing so.

You can get take a look at Carol’s work on her website: Feel free to connect with her through Facebook ( or follow her Twitter feed (@CarolHarrison6).