In this episode Scott Epp boldly sets out to answer the famous question “What matters the most to you?” Scott also interviews special guests and core value experts Tim Brownson and Bill Nixon. 

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Do you know what matters the most to you? In this episode I share secrets about what core values are, why people don’t find out what they are and how you can find out what your core values are and how to use them. We dive deep into helping you discover what your Core Values are! Together with 2 special guests we uncover many secrets about core values and have meaningful discuss about how you will benefit from understanding yourself at the core. 


Tim is an English Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and author now living in Orlando, Florida. Tim takes his job very seriously, but life in general not so much and is always looking to see the funny side of life. He blames being brought up on Monty Python.

Check out his book: Aligning With Your Core Values (how to get unstuck in life, work, and your relationships). You can find out more information at and Connect with Tim on Twitter (@timbrownson) or through his Facebook Page (

We will also be featuring special guest to talk about What Matters the Most in Life!


My career and personal life has allowed me to follow my passion for new experiences. Whether working with Canada’s First Nations, or the indigenous peoples of South American and Africa, I actively pursue my passion for new experiences embracing the diversity that the world has to offer.

In my personal life I have been blessed with 2 wonderful daughters and 6 grandchildren. I have a wonderful partner, Peggy, who I value not only as a life partner, but a person who has inspired me in my work and business dealings outside of my regular work. Peggy and I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel the world, experiencing the beauty of the landscape and the diversity of the people who live in those far off countries.