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    This booking page is exclusively for our Life Languages™ Coaching Sessions. This Scheduling Page may be used for individuals, marriages/couples, and families. Scott Epp and Nicole Epp are Australia’s Senior Life Languages™ Communication Coaches and will lead your Life Languages™ Coaching Sessions on-line on Zoom.us. Some of the Packages Include a Kendall Life Languages™ Profile (KLLP) but if you want to purchase KLLPs the go to: https://abundancecoaching.com/lifelanguages. Message Scott Epp or Nicole Epp by Clicking Here or call us at +61 481 307 778 (in Sydney Australia) if you have any questions. We coach people Internationally and all of our prices are in USD. Please use the currency converter if needed.


    You can Get a Free Free Mini Kendall Life Languages™ Profile (KLLP) to be used for yourself or you can send this as a gift for anyone. When you complete your Free Mini-Profile you will receive a short report that Only includes information about your Top Life Language™. Buy Your Kendall Life Languages™ Profiles (KLLP) for Yourself. You can also Get Life Languages™ as a Gift for Your Family, Friends, Business Group, Church Group or anyone. The profile consists of 115 questions. You are Giving an invaluable gift that has saved marriages, unified families, given deep understanding to individuals, restored leadership teams, transformed church communities, and empowered organisations around the world. Get your Profiles and Coaching from our store below.