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    Is Coaching for you?

    Have you ever wondered if Life Coaching or Business Coaching is for you? Maybe you do set goals and you do have an idea of what your purpose and direction in life is. This simply is not enough for you to experience the abundance in life that you deserve. If your life purpose and most important goals don’t require you to be empowered by supportive relationships then you haven’t set your aim high enough. We will take your great and make it greatness. 

    Become Your Authentic Amazing Best!

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    Do you want to live a life that builds a legacy rather than seeking titles and recognition?

    The most encouraging part of what we get to do at Abundance Coaching is that we get to hear radical testimonies of transformations our clients have gone through. It’s all fine to get titles in your career or business. It’s all fine to be recognized for being a good person. One day you are going to die and on that day and before that day will people be telling stories about how you helped them in life? We want you to live a life of testimonies!  Here is what some of our clients are saying…

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    Hi, my name is Scott Epp. My wife Nicole and I founded Abundance Coaching with the passion of replacing the scarcity and lack that is in people’s lives with hope, love and abundance. 

    In a nutshell, I partner with my clients as they gain clarity on where they are and take the right steps towards becoming their authentic amazing best. The coaching approach is unique to everyone and may include situational coaching, breaking through limiting stories, finding their Life Languages™, Epic Life Values, Epic Life Purpose and more. Our connections are very relational, strategic and I encourage and keep my clients accountable so that they get the results they desperately need.

    9 years ago I became a Certified Professional Coach from The International Coach Academy and since then I have helped people get radical breakthroughs in their life, business, relationships, their abundance mindset, and wellbeing. My 10,000+ hours of one-on-one coaching and mentoring have helped me become an expert in human behaviour, core values, abundance, confidence and peak potential. As an award-winning keynote speaker I have delivered over 100 talks at events and conferences internationally. I have been coached and mentored by some of the world’s best performance coaches including Ted McGrath, Andrea Lee,  Jeremie Miller, Stefan James Pylarinos and Tim Brownson.

    My Epic Life Values Statement is:

    ‘I Connect with God and follow His wisdom as He leads me to have integrity and impact my family and thousands of people around the world. I am loved, I love myself and I love deeply. I am an epic encourager. I passionately inspire, empower and partner with others on their epic journey of life. I lead my family to live an adventurous, rich and full life!’ 

    Watch More Client Testimonies!

    Unleash your Full Potential!

    Are you a leader, executive, business owner or someone who wants to breakthrough and unleash your full potential? Because we are focused on working with clients that are hungry for change and ready to take the next steps in their personal transformation we do have a free introductory call session to make sure that coaching with us is right for everyone. 

    This epic journey is not just about you getting unstuck or finding a new direction. We know that you will get transformed results because we have faith and confidence in our Abundance Coaching tools and systems and our ability to create an empowering atmosphere for you to breakthrough. You need to be serious about change and ready to step in. If this sounds like you then let’s have an 5 – 15 minute introductory call or 25-45 minute Session to begin.  

    You are Worthy!

    “You are magnificently created for greatness and you are worthy of fully living your life purpose.” – Scott Epp 






    Get a 25 – 45 Minute Free Session

    This is Your Time!

    When you were younger, you dreamed about your life. You believed that you would be able to achieve greatness and that you would become incredible. You were a winner and you would defend your dreams against any challenges. Somewhere you may have lost some of that winning spirit and the champion in you may have faded. Your Business / Life Coach will help you become that champion again. You are not expected to battle through life alone. This is Your Time! This is Your Life! Conquer Your Mountain! Let’s do this together. 




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