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Sometimes all you need is a refresher or strategy connection with your Abundance Coach! Sometimes you just need a breakthrough and one connection is all it takes. If you are not a subscribed Abundance Coaching Partner you can still schedule one off coaching connections however whenever we are available. We do set apart more time slots and we offer better pricing for our partners however we appreciate that not everyone wants to or needs to be coached with us on our partnership programs. Find out about our partnership programs by Clicking Here. This is why you can also schedule a one off coaching connection with us. The default connection option is 60 minutes and when you book you can add on an additional 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes to your connection for a bit more. Just choose your timezone, choose if you want to add additional time to your connection, choose your coach and the time you want to meet. You will be prompted to answer a few short questions about how we can serve you, how we will meet etc. Then Pay for your connection on your credit card and that’s it. Too easy! If you have pre-paid for your connection then just choose the pre-paid booking option. Book your connection with us and get your breakthrough!

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