Check out this amazing interview with Ted McGrath and find out how to find your passion and live a legacy everyday!

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Do you really want to make a difference and leave a legacy? The sad part is that many people live their lives and when they near the end (at an older age if they’re lucky) they start thinking about legacy and what that means. This episode will challenge you to know that that there is something incredibly special in you and you can leave an amazing legacy starting TODAY! I am super excited to have Ted McGrath on our show for this episode because Ted has made a significant impact on my life in a very short period of time. Through his influence on the stage at the Coaching Leadership Academy and in my life since then I have stepped into knowing what my legacy is and I am now living it.

Ted McGrathTed McGrath is the founder of Ted is the creator ofCoaching Leadership Academy and Business Breakthrough Immersion where he helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders build a lucrative and lifestyle friendly business.

His passion is to inspire more people to transform their lives than any other organization on the planet.

His mission is to lead the single greatest movement ever of 1 million coaching leaders, who build lucrative and lifestyle friendly businesses for the sole purpose of leading humanitarian efforts that inspire the world. (Addictions, Disease, Poverty, Education)

Ted loves to do 3 things for his company and that’s all he does. 1) Vision and Innovation 2) Creating Strategic Partnerships 3) Speaking and Coaching Leaders.