Watch this amazing episode featuring special guests Jerry Anderson and Dr. Dave Migliore as we talk about how to Get Committed and Get Results!

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In this episode I shared an brilliant strategy that will help you look at commitments a new way so that you will get results in your life! We will talk about what it really means to make commitments, to get committed and to get results in your life. I am honoured to have a very successful businessman and philanthropist on our show. His wisdom, faith and knowledge will be worth every minute as you watch this episode. I am a Global Priorities Values and Principles Trainer myself.

JerryAndersonJerry Anderson, President of Global Priorities, has been a business owner since 1976. Dr. Anderson epitomizes the profile of an entrepreneur. He has built and developed many organizations from the ground up. Jerry has had a hand in starting 21 businesses over the last 35 years.Jerry and his wife, also named Jerri, have been married for 44 years and have three children and seven grandchildren. Their lives are a tremendous testimony of how a family can work together well when they encourage each person to operate in their strengths zone and appreciate contributions equally. In his current organizations, many of the key positions are held by immediate family members. Several years ago, Jerry decided to get his pilot’s license so he could visit his business locations with ease and now he has the good fortune to be a personal pilot for Dr. John Maxwell. Travelling with Dr. Maxwell has been a source of inspiration, growth and opportunity. Jerry has spent much of his time the last eighteen years helping others around the world bring transformation with the implementation of values and principles through Global Priority International. Since accepting the presidency three years ago, the organization has successfully expanded not only into business environments but also into the government and education arenas. You can learn more about Global Priority on Facebook and Twitter.

DaveMiglioreDr David Migliore is Dean and Developer of the Global Entrepreneurs Institute the formal, credentialed, training program of Global Priority International. His passion is facilitating transformation and developing Champions in Life. Dr. Dave’s passion for developing Champions in life was birthed while a student athlete at the University of Pittsburgh where he was on an athletic scholarship and a member of Pitts 1976 Sugar Bowl and National Championship football team. He was the #1 Quarterback on that team for 3 plays that changed his life …Twice! His story of “being prepared when your number is called” has gotten the attention of many people over the years. The passion for developing champions was birthed out of his failure to be prepared when his number was called on the Championship Team that led to a long series of defeats in his life, which was produced from a mindset of “not good enough”.Dr. Migliore teaches others that their passion lies beneath their pain and that transformation is necessary to truly discover the champion within. The GEI program is life transforming because it changes the “mindsets” that limit people and keep them from their full potential. You can learn more about Dr.Dave at