ACTV Season 1 – Episode 2 Who are you and why should you live with passion?2016-12-24T12:32:39+00:00

Find out how you can live with passion and check out our inspiring episode featuring Nick Hansinger and Steve Moloney!

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On Episode 2) I talked about the Passion of a child and the how to find out your ‘WHY.’ I shared about having passion in life, your work and more. Answer the questions of ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘How do I get Back my Passion’ and ‘What is my place in this world?’ Watch Myself (Scott Epp) and my passionate guests as we delve into these powerful questions.

NickHasingerNick Hansinger helps professionals tap into and harness their creativity so that they can reach their full potential and have the career and life they deserve. Creativity is an essential element in looking at ourselves and our lives from different perspectives in order to reveal greater personal potential. We are inherently creative beings with the ability to transcend the mundane rat race and live an inspired and sublime life. As we tap into a greater creative vision for our lives and our world, we will continue to rise to greater heights together. Whether you are struggling to tap into creative action, or already at home in the creative flow, Nick provides to systems and support to direct that energy in the most powerful and meaningful way.

Nick’s life and career has encompassed many realms, from an active career as a freelance musician, to managing personnel at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, to a successful career teaching yoga, and now coaching professionals from all walks to utilize creative action in breaking through to their full potential. The common threads have been creativity, connection, meaning and purpose. As a coach, Nick brings his diverse experience and intense passion for growth to everything he does.

Nick has a brand new blog at And if you want to connect through Facebook, head over

Our Second Guest was Steve Moloney

SteveMoloneySteve Moloney is the mastermind leader, author and passion enthusiast. Steve has worked on ships, in construction, in therapeutic massage, as an Amway distributor, a fitness instructor, a truck driver, a janitor, a mechanic, a handyman, an investor, a garbage man, a metal fabricator and may other roles in his life. Throughout it all though, he has become more and more fascinated with the idea of human potential. This fascination resulted in his writing of his first book in 1992. Steve’s wrote his second book in 2000 when I lived in Vancouver and then began his successful website and newsletter on Personal Development at Steve runs a mastermind called Coffee Chat where he meets with community leaders and discusses success principles. Steve’s latest book ‘Release Your Inner Genie’ was release in the fall of 2012. Steve is a passionate and motivating man and this is why Scott Epp has asked him to be part of Abundance Coaching TV with week!